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Positive Parent Campaign – Care, encouragement & acceptance are keys to building a positive family (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  At the start of the animation, a duckling is learning to swim in a lake.
Her mother is by her side, teaching her, while her two brothers are encouraging her.
The duckling is finally able to swim. She's thrilled.
Mother duck:  Relax and kick harder
Elder duck:  You can do it!
Little duck:  I did it!
Description of visuals:  The animation transits to a real scene at a country park. A family of two elder brothers, the mother, the younger sister, and the father is playing in the country park.
The children are walking on a balance beam. The younger sister can walk across the beam. Her father is happy for her.
Little sister:  I did it!
Father:  Well done, everyone!
Description of visuals:  The three children are laughing happily and they are playing soccer on the lawn.
VO:  Parents play a role in raising happy kids
Description of visuals:  The scene cuts to a barbecue area. The father teaches his eldest son how to start a fire, while the mother and the other two children set the table next to the stove.
The eldest son successfully starts a fire. The mother gives him a thumbs-up.
VO:  Your guidance
Brother:  I got it!
Description of visuals:  At the front door of their home. The mother is taking the two brothers to school. Their younger sister is standing in front of the door, and she is upset because her arm is injured and she has to stay at home. The father cheers her up. She smiles.
VO:  Care
Description of visuals:  The scene then cuts to a long stretch of steps on the street. An old lady with her shopping trolley is trying to walk down the stairs. It happens that the mother and the elder brother are passing by. The boy then rushes to help the old lady. The mother pats him on his head to praise him.
VO:  and praise
Description of visuals:  Back at the country park, the daughter, the father, the elder brother, the mother, and the eldest brother are running across the lawn towards the camera, chasing after a flying toy plane.
VO:  Can help your child to lead a happy and positive life
Description of visuals:  The whole family lies leisurely on the grass. The cartoon duckling, the logo of the Education Bureau, and the Positive Parent Campaign appear on the screen.
The screen also shows the slogan "Care, encouragement and acceptance are keys to building a positive family"
VO:  Care, encouragement and acceptance
Children:  are keys to building a positive family

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