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Building (Minor Works) (Amendment) Regulation 2020 is now in effect

Son: Big building works!
Father: Well, they're just minor works
Father: Oh, right!
Super: Building (Minor Works) (Amendment) Regulation 2020
is now in effect
Father: Under the Minor Works Control System
Super: Minor Works Control System
Father: we can now put up greening facilities
Super: Greening Facilities
Father: retractable awnings
Super: Retractable Awning
Father: fences
Super: Fence
Father: ventilation ducts and more
Super: Ventilation Duct
Father: We only need to notify the Buildings Department
Father: So, have you notified the department?
Mom VO: Have you finished your homework?
Son: For more details
Father: browse the Buildings Department website
Super: Buildings Department Logo
Hotline: 2626 1616

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