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Keeping a pet is a lifetime decision

Child A: 
(English subtitle) 
I want to keep a dog!
Child B: 
(English subtitle) 
Keeping a cat or a rabbit sounds good too!
English MVO:  Wait! Is your home suitable for keeping a pet?
Super:  Things to consider before keeping a pet
Super:  Suitable environment
English MVO:  Can you devote time to a pet?
Super:  Devotion of time
English MVO:  Are you willing to take good care
Super:  Good care
English MVO:  and clean up after it?
Super:  Cleaning up after the pet
English MVO:  Do your family members agree?
Super:  Family acceptance
English MVO:  You will also have to arrange vaccination
Super:  Vaccination
English MVO:  and consider neutering it
Super:  Consider neutering
English MVO:  Stop and think twice before keeping a pet
Super (On the signage):  Pet Adoption Centre
English MVO:  It's a lifetime decision and commitment
Visit to learn more
Super:  Keeping a pet is
a lifetime decision
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