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Don't lose your life to drugs

MVO:  There is a price to pay for taking drugs
MVO:  No matter what amount of drugs you take
you will surely lose much more
Super:  Impaired Memory
Respiratory Damage

Rational Thinking       Family       Prospects       Reputation       Career
Health       Happiness       Social Status       Future       Work       Confidence
MVO:  Taking cocaine and "Ice"
may make you feel high at the time
Super:  ICE
MVO:  and you may think they can relieve stress
but you could soon lose everything
Super:  Depression
MVO:  Losing your life to drugs
Super:  Looks       Future       Health       Education       Prospects
Rational Thinking       Family       Happiness       Confidence       Grades       Kinship
MVO:  Is it worth it?
Call 186 186
or send a message via WhatsApp or WeChat on 98 186 186
Super:  Seek Help/Enquiries
Hotline: 186 186
WhatsApp/WeChat: 98 186 186

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