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Enjoy life to the full, Don't let cannabis ruin you

Lyrics subtitles (Cantonese):  (Comfortable, satisfied, free)
MVO:  There are many ways to enjoy life
No matter what you pursue
you must know how to resist temptations
Super:  IQ Loss    Addiction    Hallucination
Depression    Anxiety
MVO:  If you say no to cannabis and its harms
you can lead an enjoyable life
Lyrics subtitles (Cantonese):  (Make up your mind)
(Stay away from cannabis)
MVO:  Enjoy life to the full
Don’t let cannabis ruin you
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or send a message via WhatsApp
or WeChat to 98 186 186 to seek help

Cannabis is a drug
Super:  Seek Help/Enquiries
Hotline: 186 186
WhatsApp/WeChat: 98 186 186
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