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Keep Drains Clear

Teacher:  What do you imagine when I say “it’s raining cats and dogs”?
Super:  It’s raining cats and dogs
Student A:  It means it’s raining hard
ln the rain this morning
I stepped in a puddle
Student A:  Maybe garbage, oil or construction waste
blocked the drain and caused flooding
Teacher:  So what should we do?
Super:  Take precautions
Student B:  We should take precautions to keep drains clear
If you see a blocked drain, call the Drainage Hotline at 2300 1110
Super:  Drainage Hotline
2300 1110
Teacher:  It's only by working together that we can achieve smooth drainage
Super:  Keep drains clear
All:  Let’s all work together to keep the drains clear!
Super:  DSD Logo

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