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Dementia Friendly Community Campaign (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  Opening shot sees an office lady picking up phone calls
at different occasions in the office
She answers the phone and says:
Professional (lady):  Mum, don’t worry
I’m coming home for dinner
Description of visuals:  The lady finishes talking on the phone and says to her colleague:
Professional (lady):  She has called more than 10 times today asking me to go home for dinner
but I’m happy about it
Description of visuals:  The scene switches to see a little boy and his grandfather arriving at home
The grandson runs to his grandmother while shouting happily:
Grandson:  Grandma!
Description of visuals:  A close up shot shows many family pictures displayed at home
The little boy says:
Grandson:  Although Grandma can no longer recognise us
Description of visuals:  The shot shows the grandfather, grandmother and the little boy
watering the plants together
The grandfather says:
Grandfather:  she can still feel our love for her
Description of visuals:  A medium shot sees the grandfather, holding the little boy on his lap
They are sitting near the grandmother
The little boy says:
Grandson:  It’s because we are always by her side
Description of visuals:  The scene switches to a housing estate
A wide shot sees a security guard escorting an elderly man home
The security guard says to the elderly man’s family:
Security guard:  He couldn’t find his way home again
Description of visuals:  The shot shows that the elderly man’s family is thankful
to the security guard for his assistance
One of the family members says to the security guard:
Family member (lady):  Thanks for your help!
Description of visuals:  The shot flashes back to show the elderly man feeling lost
in the lobby of the building and the security guard
approaches him and renders help
The following shots show the grandfather and little boy
accompanying the grandmother to cross the road
the office lady appeared in the opening shot having dinner
with her mother at home
and the security guard showing his determination
and his "Dementia Friends" wristband to the camera
after attending a "Dementia Friends" Information Session
The voiceover says:
MVO:  Visit the Social Welfare Department website
to learn more about the Dementia Friendly Community Campaign
join the courses
and register as a Dementia Friend!
Description of visuals:  End shot shows six hands wearing the "Dementia Friends" wristband
and the logos of the Dementia Friendly Community Campaign
and the Social Welfare Department

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