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Property Alert : Protects your property

Wife: Our bathroom has gone missing!
Son: My room disappeared!
Wife and son: What happened to our property?
Kwan Kung: There are more and more scammers
and they can cheat you out of property at any time
You can monitor your property, regardless of its value
by subscribing to the Land Registry's Property Alert
Super: Property Alert
You will be notified by email if your land record shows any changes
Kwan Kung: Wherever you may be, you are protected by the Property
Alert You’ve got mail! Your land record shows changes!
Super: Property Alert
Email Notification
Husband and wife: What's that?
Kwan Kung: Do you want to consult your lawyer?
MVO/Super: Property Alert
protects your property
Go to the Land Registry website for details!
3105 0000
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