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Prevention of Viral Gastroenteritis

Son:  Dad said we should take everything seriously
Mother:  It's the same when it comes to preventing viral gastroenteritis
Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet
and before handling food or eating
Super:  Keep hands clean
Mother:  Remember to cook food thoroughly
Super:  Cook food thoroughly
Father:  When clearing up vomit or faeces
Super:  Wear a mask and gloves to clear up
Father:  wear a mask and gloves
Disinfect the areas with 1 to 49 diluted bleach
Super:  1:49 diluted bleach
Mother:  In case of fever, vomiting or diarrhoea
take rest and seek medical advice
Super:  Seek medical advice
Father:  Take hygiene seriously to prevent viral gastroenteritis
Visit for details
Super:  Prevent Viral Gastroenteritis
Take Hygiene Seriously
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health

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