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Let's get influenza vaccination. Protect yourself and others

Words on paper:  (A family appointment)
(English subtitles): 
I have an appointment
with my whole family!
Pregnant mother 
(English subtitles): 
On that day, I'll have an appointment with my family
(English subtitles): 
To protect myself and my family
I'll surely join in!
Super:  Influenza Vaccination
Dinner with friends
(off-screen English V/O): 
Elderly people, pregnant women, children
and those with chronic medical problems
are more likely to have serious flu complications

The influenza vaccine is safe and effective
Getting vaccinated every year
not only protects yourself
but also others close to you

Consult your family doctor
or visit for details
Super:  Get vaccinated against influenza
Protect yourself and your family
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health

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