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Make Good Use of Elderly Health Care Vouchers

Ha Yu (Actor):  Let’s see how these elderly people make good use of health care vouchers!
Elderly person A:  I want to create a voucher account for seeing a doctor
Super:  Create voucher account for free with your identity card
Elderly person B:  Follow me. Check the balance beforehand
to plan on how to make use of the vouchers
Family member of elderly person C:  He asked me to help check his voucher balance online
Super:  Health Care Voucher Scheme
Ha Yu (Actor): 
(Elderly person D is shown) 
Like her, you can call 2838 0511 to check it as well
Super:  Voucher balance enquiry hotline: 2838 0511
Ha Yu (Actor):  You can also check the voucher amount
expected to be forfeited next year due to the limit being exceeded
and the amount that can be spent on optometry services

Make a good plan to use your vouchers!
Super:  Make Good Use of Elderly Health Care Vouchers
Health Care Voucher Scheme
Department of Health

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