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2+3: Eat Fruit and Vegetables Every Day

Super:  Fruit and Vegetables
FVO:  Let’s have two servings of fruit
and three servings of vegetables every day
Choose fresh fruit and vegetables
And it’s best to eat whole fruit
Super:  2 servings of fruit
3 servings of vegetables
FVO:  When dining out, order dishes with vegetables
or add a dish of boiled vegetables
When cooking, include fruit and vegetables in every meal
They can also be eaten as snacks
Eating enough fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases
Super:  Colorectal cancer Stomach cancer Oesophageal cancer
Stroke Obesity Diabetes Heart disease
FVO:  Stay healthy
Follow the “two plus three” rule for fruit and vegetables every day!
Super:  2+3: Eat Fruit and Vegetables Every Day
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