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Learn more about tuberculosis

Super:  1960s
BabyJohn Choi:  Tuberculosis mainly affects the lungs
and is also known as TB
Super:  1970s
BabyJohn Choi:  It can be spread through the air
Super:  Present
BabyJohn Choi:  Tuberculosis has never disappeared in Hong Kong
Super:  Tuberculosis
BabyJohn Choi:  There are still several thousand new cases each year
Symptoms include persistent cough, blood-stained sputum
Super:  Persistent cough
Blood-stained sputum
BabyJohn Choi:  fever, night sweat and weight loss
Super:  Fever
Night sweat
Weight loss
BabyJohn Choi:  Consult a doctor if you have coughed for three weeks
The Department of Health’s chest clinics
provide free tuberculosis diagnostic and treatment services
Visit the Tuberculosis and Chest Service’s website for details
Super:  Learn more about tuberculosis
Seek medical advice early
Tuberculosis and Chest Service, Department of Health
Department of Health

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