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Prevention of Avian Influenza

Father:  What did you learn today?
Oh! It’s about prevention of avian influenza
Daughter:  What should we avoid touching?
Father:  Poultry, birds and their droppings
Daughter:  What about handling food?
Mother:  Cook poultry and eggs thoroughly before eating
and wash hands frequently with liquid soap and water
Daughter:  What about going abroad?
Father:  Avoid visiting wet markets, live poultry markets
and farms in affected areas
Daughter:  How about after returning to Hong Kong?
Father:  If you feel unwell, wear a surgical mask
Mother:  Seek medical advice promptly
and inform the doctor of your travel details
Father and Mother:  Visit to know more
Super:  Prevention of Avian Influenza
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health

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