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Clarify Your Employment Status

Super (Signboard):  Gourmet Delivery
Male boss (Cantonese):  Welcome to the company!
Super (Coin):  Employee/Self-employed
Female boss (Cantonese):  Please start work tomorrow!
Super (Coin):  Employee/Self-employed
MVO:  Employee or self-employed? Many factors should be considered. It should be decided mutually, not just by employers
Lady (Cantonese):  Will I lose employment rights and benefits if I’m self-employed?
Super:  Statutory holidays
Paid annual leave
Sickness allowance
Maternity leave
MVO:  Before signing contracts, workers should clarify their status and rights. Employers cannot change employees’ status to self-employed against their wish.
Super (Coin):  Employee/Self-employed
MVO:  If employees don’t get their statutory benefits, they may call the Complaint Hotline 2815 2200
Super:  Clarify Your Employment Status
Protect Your Rights and Benefits
Complaint Hotline: 2815 2200
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Super (Coin):  Employee/Self-employed

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