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Statutory Minimum Wage

FVO:  Employees covered by the Minimum Wage Ordinance
regardless of their mode of employment
Super on props :  Full-time, Part-time Monthly-rated, Daily-rated, Hourly-rated, Piece-rated
Permanent, Casual
Other modes
FVO:  are entitled to receive the minimum wage
Super:  37.5
FVO:  From May 1, 2019
Super:  Alter trousers length to 37.5 inches
FVO:  the Statutory Minimum Wage is raised to $37.50 per hour.
Super:  37.5g
FVO:  Employees with disabilities can opt for productivity assessment
and receive their wages accordingly
Employees and employers should know the Minimum Wage Ordinance
Super:  Statutory Minimum Wage
$37.50 per hour
Effective from May 1, 2019
FVO:  For details
call 2717 1771
Super:  Know more about the Minimum Wage Ordinance to safeguard your rights
24-hour Enquiry Hotline: 2717 1771
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