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Treasure Hong Kong, our home (II) (Web accessible version)

Description of Visuals:  It is the morning, with sunshine coming through the clouds
and shining on a commercial building’s glass curtain wall

People are waiting for the tram to go to work or school

Holding a cup of coffee, an architect returns to his office
He opens the front door and begins his work

While the streetlight is still on
the waiters at a restaurant are busy preparing for business

In the staff room of a school
a teacher is tutoring a student
while other staff are preparing for lessons

A double-decker bus is seen crossing a flyover
before a shot of Lion Rock appears

In a health rehabilitation centre
a healthcare professional is providing physiotherapy for an elderly woman

Back outside, a road is crowded with people and traffic

At a boutique, a shopkeeper arranges goods on shelves
and then opens the roller shutter for business

A lady attracted by the window display stops and looks in
and the shopkeeper invites her into the shop

The voiceover says
MVO:  Every day is a new day, every day can be a new beginning
Treasure Hong Kong, our home
Description of Visuals:  The end shot shows the city in the sunshine

The superimposed text reads "Treasure Hong Kong, our Home"
with the HKSAR Region emblem

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