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Treasure Hong Kong, our home (I) (1-minute version) (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  It is morning, there are puddles on the ground at a bus terminus
A bus driver walks beside a bus
The bus sets off after the driver has adjusted the rear view mirror

The shot shows a flat
A mother is ironing a school uniform
She helps her son to put it on afterwards

The shot shows a busy road

In a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, steam is coming out from a kettle of boiling tea while the staff is busy working

A street cleaner cleans up fallen leaves in a park and carts them away

The shot shows a housing estate
There are birds and a cat on the ground
Residents come back from the market
A mother buys a takeaway breakfast for her daughter

In a local food market, a vegetable stall opens for business
A worker delivers vegetables to the stall

A renovation worker takes out a tool box from a light goods van
The driver steers as windshield wipers move

Rain is falling
On the street there is a man holding an umbrella and pushing a trolley

The sky clears after the rain
The shot shows the International Finance Centre

During lunch time, two young office ladies have sandwiches at their desks in the office

In a food stall, a female vendor packs egg puffs for customers carefully

Between their busy hours, two cooks take a break in the back alley, one using a mobile phone, the other reading a newspaper

Back on street, trams make their way through the city

At night in a fruit market, a man pushes a cart piled high with boxes.
Afterwards, he takes a break to enjoy coconut water

The MVO says
MVO:  What we have now has been built with the love and sweat of everyone
Description of visuals:  The shots revisit the previous characters
The office lady works hard at her desk
The street cleaner fans herself with a straw hat during a break
The renovation workers enjoy lunch boxes sitting at the back of the van
The female vendor sits down and takes a break

The MVO says
MVO:  Treasure Hong Kong, our home
Description of visuals:  The shot shows the back of a young man holding a briefcase and a suit blazer, walking home slowly at night

The end shot shows a wide shot of the city of Hong Kong and the sky
Sunshine is coming through the clouds

The superimposed text reads "Treasure Hong Kong, Our Home"
with the HKSAR Regional Emblem

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