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Proper Maintenance and Use of Household Electrical Appliances (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: A female house owner leaves home but the dehumidifier at home is still operating.
Once the door is closed, a pair of eyes appears on the display panel of the dehumidifier. A pair of eyes also appears on the hair dryer.
The dehumidifier transforms and extends its legs and hands. It complains:
Dehumidifier: “Don't keep me on when nobody is at home”
Description of visuals: Dehumidifier pulls out its air filter which full of dust. It says:
Dehumidifier: “Time to clean my air filter!”
Description of visuals: The dehumidifier and hair dryer walk away, they peek in the kitchen door.
In the kitchen, a rice cooker is watching a kettle pulling out a plug from an extension unit which are connected with so many appliances. The kettle says:
Kettle: “It's easy to overload when so many appliances are plugged in together”
Description of visuals: The scene switches. A portable heater runs out from a wet bathroom. It says:
Portable Heater: “I'm not suitable for use in the bathroom”
Description of visuals: Hair dryer holds its damaged wires and talks to the portable heater:
Hair Dryer: “They should arrange for an experienced technician to repair me”
Description of visuals: Kettle, rice cooker, dehumidifier, hair dryer and portable heater holds their user manuals. The dehumidifier says:
Dehumidifier: “And read the user manuals before using us!”
Description of visuals: Suddenly, the hair dryer says:
Hair Dryer: “She's back!”
Description of visuals: They all run away, only the dehumidifier and portable heater are left.
Description of visuals: Someone pushes the door and goes back home. The dehumidifier and portable heater transform back to the original status.
The female house owner goes back. She talks to the electrical maintenance worker behind:
Female House owner: “Please help me inspect the appliances.”
Description of visuals: End frame shows the slogan “Maintain Electrical Appliances Regularly and Use Them Safely”. All the electrical appliances says together:
All Robots: “Maintain Electrical Appliances Regularly and Use Them Safely.”
Dehumidifier: “Visit for details.”
Description of visuals: The dehumidifier and portable heater are still in the living room. The female house owner who sits on the sofa feels puzzled and says:
Female House owner: “Why is the heater here?”

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