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Proper Maintenance and Use of Household Electrical Appliances

Dehumidifier:  Don’t keep me on when nobody is at home
Time to clean my air filter!
Boiler:  It’s easy to overload
when so many appliances are plugged in together
Portable Heater:  I’m not suitable for use in the bathroom
Hair Dryer:  They should arrange for an experienced technician to repair me
Dehumidifier:  And read the user manuals before using us!
Super:  User Manual
Hair Dryer:  She’s back!
Female Houseowner:  Please help me inspect the appliances
All Robots:  Maintain electrical appliances regularly and use them safely!
Super:  Maintain Electrical
Appliances Regularly
and Use Them Safely!
Dehumidifier:  Go to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department website for details
Female Houseowner:  Why is the heater here?

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