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Beware of the touting activities of recovery agents (2019) (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: In the opening shot
there is a large drum outside a Yamen
which is a government office in ancient times
An injured lady dressed in ancient outfit with her hand bandaged
is beating the drum in an effort to appeal for injustice
The lady says
Victim: Injustice! Injustice!
Description of visuals: Three guards appear in front of the Yamen
The head guard looks at the injured lady and asks
Police: Who is beating the drum outside? What's your complaint?
The judge has just ruled that you're entitled to compensation
Description of visuals: The injured lady, her face stricken with sadness says through the tears
Victim: But my recovery agent took a cut of my compensation
Description of visuals: A film rolling transition effect is used to show that
the following events are a recollection of the woman's memory
A man, wearing an ancient outfit
holds a paper fan printed with “Recovery Agent” in Chinese
He looks at the injured lady
Then, the shot changes to the perspective of the injured lady
The recovery agent says
Recovery agent: We can even help you find a lawyer to claim compensation
No win, no fee!
Description of visuals: The scene changes back to reality with the film rolling transition effect
The head guard appears at the centre
points out the illegal act of the recovery agent
Large words of “Champerty”, “Maintenance”
“A fine and up to seven years in jail”
appear on the screen with his hand movement
The head guard says
Police: Under the laws of Hong Kong
his act may constitute “Champerty”, “Maintenance”
and is liable to a fine and up to seven years in jail
Description of visuals: The recovery agent appears in the background of the scene
and the injured lady spots him
She points to him and reports to the head guard.
The injured lady says
Victim: There he is!
Description of visuals: Upon seeing the recovery agent, the head guard points to him
Then, he orders the other guards to seize the agent and says
Police: Arrest him!
Description of visuals: The shot zooms in to the recovery agent
who is so scared that he drops his paper fan and gold ingot
The ending scene shows two guards
escorting the recovery agent out of the scene
The head guard looks at the injured lady
and shows her where she can seek help
The head guard says
Police: If you have difficulty taking legal action due to lack of means
you can seek help from the Legal Aid Department
the Law Society of Hong Kong, practising solicitors
or the relevant government departments
Description of visuals: The last shot change to an ancient notice board
displaying the ways of seeking help
and the logo of the Department of Justice

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