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Beware of the touting activities of recovery agents (2019)

Victim:  Injustice! Injustice!
Police:  Who is beating the drum outside? What’s the complaint?
The judge has just ruled that you're entitled to compensation
Victim:  But my recovery agent took a cut of my compensation
Recovery agent:  We can help you find a lawyer to claim compensation
No win, no fee!
Police:  Under the laws of Hong Kong
his act may be illegal
and punishable by a fine and up to seven years in jail
Super:  Champerty       Maintenance
Fine and up to seven years' imprisonment
Victim:  There he is!
Police:  Arrest him!
If you have difficulty taking legal action due to lack of means
seek help from the Legal Aid Department
the Law Society of Hong Kong, practising solicitors
or relevant government departments
Super:  Seek help from:
Labour Department
Legal Aid Department
Social Welfare Department
The Law Society of Hong Kong (Pro Bono Services)
Practising Solicitors
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