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Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong XRL - Co-location clearance, one-stop convenience

MVO : The Express Rail Link's co-location arrangement at West Kowloon Station
Super: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong
Express Rail Link
Co-location arrangement
MVO: will allow passengers to complete
Hong Kong and Mainland clearance procedures in one go
Super: Hong Kong departure clearance / Mainland entry clearance / West Kowloon Station
MVO: All the cities covered by the national high-speed rail network
will then be within easy reach
Super: West Kowloon
MVO: Mainland personnel will only perform duties
in the Mainland Port Area inside the station
Super: Ground Floor

B1 Ticket Hall
Enter from ground level / Ticket purchase before passing
through entry gates

B2 Arrival Level
Mainland departure clearance / Mainland Laws / Hong Kong arrival clearance / Ticket checking before passing through exit gates

Leave the station

Head to B3 departure level

B3 Departure Level
Mainland Laws / Mainland arrival clearance / Waiting hall for departure passengers/ Hong Kong departure clearance

Head to B2 arrival level / Head to B4 platform level

B4 Platform Level
Alight from inbound trains / Get aboard outbound trains
MVO: and nowhere else
Super: Mainland Port Area
MVO: Just like Shenzhen Bay Port
co-location makes travelling easy and hassle-free
Super: Shenzhen Bay Port / Shenzhen / Hong Kong
MVO: Co-location Clearance
One-stop Convenience
Super: Co-location Clearance
One-stop Convenience
HKSAR Emblem
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