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Manage Your Temper   Make Parenting Easier (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: Opening shot sees someone steps on a toy car and breaks it

A wider shot shows a home setting in which a father is angry
with his little boy for not tidying up the toys
The father clenches his fist in anger and the little boy looks scared
The father asks:
Father: How many times did I tell you to tidy up the toys?
Do you want me to beat you?
Description of visuals: Close-up shot sees the little boy crying

In another family
a little girl is doing homework
and her angry mother grabs a piece of paper from the table and questions her
Mother: What’s this?
What’s this?
Why do you still know nothing after studying?
Answer me!
Description of visuals: The mother crumples up the piece of paper and throws it away
The little girl is terrified and anxious

Looking at her little girl
the mother pauses for a moment to ponder
Female voice-over says:
FVO: Scolding and beating will undermine the parent-child relationship
and harm a child’s physical and psychological development
Manage your temper
and try to find more suitable ways of parenting
Description of visuals: Scene switches to see the father's clenched fist turns into a
relaxed hand
and he tidies up the toys with his little boy
The little boy is wearing a smile
The mother has also calmed herself down
and is helping the little girl with her homework
End frame shows the slogan
“Manage your temper Make parenting easier”
the Social Welfare Department’s logo and hotline 2343 2255
Female voice-over says:
FVO: If you need help
call the Social Welfare Department’s hotline on 2343 2255
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