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Using Elderly Health Care Voucher Wisely

Ha Yu (actor): Let me show you how to use elderly health care vouchers wisely
Elderly person: Thank you, doctor
How much?
Super: Ask about service fees
Nurse: Here’s the charge
Will you also pay with vouchers this time?
Elderly person: Yes
Ha Yu (actor): Using vouchers should not affect service fees
Super: Using vouchers should not affect service fees
Nurse: Your identity card, please
This is the voucher amount to be deducted this time
Please sign if you agree
Super: Check consent form before signing
Ha Yu (actor): Check the details before signing the consent form
and leave your phone number
so that the Department of Health can verify your use of vouchers when needed
Super: Leave your contact number
Ha Yu (actor): Remember to make good use of health care vouchers
Super: Health Care Voucher
Department of Health
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