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"": Choose "Smart", Stay Sharp and Healthy

Japanese Chef: I’m smart for sure!
Western Chef: Smart means me!
Thai Chef: I’m smart too!
Chinese Chef: We are all smart
as we are from “EatSmart Restaurants”
Super: ""
MVO: "EatSmart Restaurants"
provide a wide range of dishes
To eat healthier, choose dishes from the menu
which are marked
with the "More Fruit and Vegetables" logo
Super: More Vegetables and Fruit
"More Fruit and Vegetables"
MVO: or the "3 Less" logo
indicating less oil, salt and sugar
Super: Less oil Less salt Less sugar
"3 Less"
MVO: By downloading
the "EatSmart Restaurant" mobile app
of the Department of Health
you can always find an "EatSmart Restaurant"
anytime and anywhere
Super: Choose “Smart”
Stay Sharp and Healthy
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health
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