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Avoid Wax-burning, Littering and Flying Sky Lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival

Super: Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival
Subtitle: To enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival
Super: Play safely
Subtitle: we’ve got to play safely
Super: Don’t burn and melt wax
Super: Enjoy the moonlight
Play safely
Subtitle: Play safely when you enjoy the moonlight
Super: Place lighted candles in containers
Super: Tidy up
Keep clean
Super: Don’t fly sky lanterns
Fire hazards
Subtitle: Don’t fly sky lanterns as they pose fire hazards
Super: Don’t throw glow sticks recklessly
Subtitle: Don’t throw glow sticks recklessly as they harm the environment
Super: Under the moon
Super: Let’s celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival all night long!
Subtitle: let’s celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together!
Super: Leisure and Cultural Services Department Logo

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