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Be a responsible employer and report work accidents

Boss (Pal Sinn): Thank you
Hey, honey. I'm still on duty.
Female employee 1: He tells his wife everything.
MVO from kitchen: Ouch!
Male employee 3: My hand is burned
Male employee 2: Do you have to tell your wife?
Boss (Pal Sinn): This must be reported to the Labour Department!
Employers must report any work accident
or prescribed occupational disease to the Labour Department on time,
irrespective of compensation liability.
Super: Report injury cases within 14 days
Report fatal cases within 7 days
Male employee 3: I’m fine.
Boss (Pal Sinn): Reporting a work accident can safeguard your interests.
Visit a doctor now!
Call 2717 1771 for more information
Super: Be a responsible employer
Report work accidents
2717 1771
Labour Department
Male customer: If your employer hasn't reported your work injury,
you can still report it to the Labour Department!

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