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Buying First-hand Residential Property Study, Check and Think Carefully

Jessica Hsuan: Hey! Before buying first-hand residential property
you must think carefully
Study the sales brochure
price list and sales arrangements from the vendor
Super: Study!
Sales Brochure Price List Sales Arrangements
Jessica Hsuan: Check the payment terms
Super: Check!
Jessica Hsuan: mortgage details and miscellaneous expenses
Super: Payment Terms Mortgage Miscellaneous Expenses
Jessica Hsuan: Think about affordability
Super: Think!
Jessica Hsuan: If you do not sign the sales agreement
Super: Deposit= 5% of Purchase Price
Jessica Hsuan: the deposit of 5% of the purchase price paid earlier
will be forfeited
The Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority reminds you
Super: Buying First–hand Residential Property (presented by graphic)
Study‧ Check‧ Think
Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority
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