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Fire Safety in Open Kitchen Units

Female owner: Here comes the inspector
Female owner Off-screen: He looks so much like Alex Fong
Alex Fong: You've got a nice open kitchen
The smoke detector and sprinkler are both here!
Super: Smoke Detector
Fire Service Installations and Equipment
Male owner: Make sure to have them inspected
by a Registered Contractor like you every year
Alex Fong: If the ventilation systems in windowless kitchens
or toilets are fitted with fire dampers
they should be inspected by a Registered Contractor each year
Inspector: I've come for the inspection
Super: Registered Contractor
Female owner: Who's he then?
Alex Fong: Oh yes! I’ve made an appointment to view the flat
Management offices should assist owners
in arranging annual inspections
For enquiries, call the Fire Services Department at 2733 1567
Super: Have Fire Service Installations Inspected Annually
to Keep Your Open Kitchen Safe

Offenders may be subject to prosecution and fines
Enquiries: 2733 1567
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