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Police Anti-Scam Helpline

Swindler 1: My darling, we still haven’t met!
Please would you pay for my flight so we can meet at last?
Super (message): My darling I so want to meet you!
Can you pay for my air ticket?
Middle-aged woman: Ask 18222 to pay for you
Swindler 2: You don’t look well
Would you like me to pray for your health?
Female elderly: I’d better consult 18222
Super: 18222
Swindler 3:
This is the Public Security Bureau
You are now wanted for questioning
I need to call 18222 to confirm
Super: 18222
Swindler 4: Would you help me buy a virtual point card?
Super (message): Would you help me buy a virtual point card?
Young man: Perhaps 18222 could help you
Super (message): 18222
MVO: Don’t be fooled
Call the Police Helpline on 18222!
Anti-Scam Helpline 18222
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