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Recycling hotline for regulated electrical equipment

Bowie Lam: Oh! What should we do?
Catherine Chau: What should we do?
Just do anything to get rid of it as soon as possible
Bowie Lam: Absolutely not!
Proper recycling can turn waste into resources
The Environmental Protection Department has an enquiry hotline
Catherine Chau: 2676 8888
So why did you say what to do?
Super: Recycling hotline
2676 8888
Bowie Lam: I'm thinking
how to celebrate our wedding anniversary
Catherine Chau: Regulated electrical equipment
We can recycle it properly
Super: Washing Machine / Refrigerator / Air-conditioner / TV
Printer / Monitor / Computer / Scanner
Both: Remember to call!
BigWaster: Dump Less Save More
Super: Recycling hotline
2676 8888
Dump Less Save More
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