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Buying Regulated Electrical Equipment? Take Note

Bowie Lam: Looks good!
Catherine Chau: Let’s take this one then. But how about the old one?
Bowie Lam: When selling new regulated electrical equipment
the seller is required by law to arrange
free collection of an old item of the same type
Super: Free Removal Service
Bowie Lam: The receipt will show the recycling levy level
and a label will be provided

The levy is for proper treatment of
waste equipment through detoxification and dismantling,
turning waste into resources
Super: Detoxification Dismantling
Turning waste into resources
Bowie Lam: Nice!
Catherine Chau: Huh?
Bowie Lam: I’m referring to this lady. Very nice!
Both: Starting from 1 August 2018
Super: 1 August 2018
Washing Machine Refrigerator TV Air-conditioner
Both: take note when you buy regulated electrical equipment!
Super: 1 August, 2018
Printer Monitor Computer Scanner
Big Waster: Dump Less Save More
Super: Dump Less Save More
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