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Control of Endangered Species in Hong Kong (2018)

Young woman: Let’s send this American ginseng
to Hong Kong for grandpa
It’ll be good for his health
MVO: No matter what the reason …
Woman: These orchids are gorgeous
Let’s take them back to Hong Kong
MVO: if you carry or mail
endangered animals or plants or their products
into or out of Hong Kong without a licence …
Tourist: I love this. Let’s ship it back home
MVO: you will be liable to prosecution
Some species
cannot be imported or exported at all
Super: Ivory
Super: Maximum penalty:
$10 million fine and
10 years’ imprisonment
MVO: Always check
before importing or exporting endangered species
Super: Protection of Endangered Species
of Animals and Plants Ordinance
Super: Import and export of endangered species are regulated in HK
Enquiry hotline: 1823
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

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