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Your Family Care Can Enrich a Child's Life (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: Opening shot sees the foster family receiving Ming
from a social worker at their door

Ming looks a bit shy

Female voice-over says:
FVO: Since the social worker brought Ming to our home
we've been a foster family
Description of visuals: The shot shows Ming having a meal with them
and the foster mother drying Ming's hair
and telling bedtime stories to Ming

Female voice-over says:
FVO: Mum said everyone needs family love
and we treat Ming as our family member
Description of visuals: The shot shows the foster father
helping the kids with their homework

The daughter shares her colour pens with Ming

Female voice-over says:
FVO: Dad also taught me to share with others
and sharing really brings a lot of joy
Description of visuals: Ming happily shows his drawing for the foster family

The four then appreciate the drawing together

The shot cuts to the foster family and Ming
playing with paper planes in the park joyfully

Female voice-over says:
FVO: Ming will return to his home later
and we want the best for him
Description of visuals: End shot shows slogan
"Your Family Care Can Enrich a Child's Life"
Enquiry hotline and website:
and the logos of Foster Care Service
and the Social Welfare Department

Male voice-over says:
MVO: If you want to be a foster family
Visit the Social Welfare Department's website
or call 2573 2282
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