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Consider different perspectives Take a positive view (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: Opening shot shows the profile of a young man
Wide shot shows him standing alone on the peak at dawn
Male voice-over says
MVO:: Being alone could be lonely
or a state of being at ease
Description of visuals: The scene switches to a young lady working alone in office at night
Files are piled up on her desk

The young lady seems bothered by work
She then throws the documents at hand onto the desk
looking frustrated
Later a beeping sound from her mobile phone
notifying an incoming message caught her attention
Male voice-over says
MVO:: Can a challenge lead to pressure or motivation?
Description of visuals: Close up shot shows mobile phone screen displaying
incoming text message from the young lady's mother
It reads, "Hey, you have to eat no matter how busy you are"

Close up shot of the young lady's face
She looks a bit relieved after reading the text message
Scene switches to the Fruit Market at midnight
The fruit market is busy like daytime

Medium shot sees a moving tram at night
The male voice-over says
MVO:: Night marks the end of one day
Description of visuals: Time-lapse shot shows a part of the city from the peak
from dusk to dawn
Male voice-over continues
MVO:: and the start of another
Description of visuals: The camera goes back to the young man on the peak
He embraces the sunlight and smiles
Male voice-over says
MVO: Things can be seen from different angles
Description of visuals: The scene cuts back to the young lady in office
who is talking on her mobile phone with smile
Male voice-over continues
MVO: Talk with your family, friends or professionals
Consider different perspectives
Take a positive view
Description of visuals: End shot shows the slogan
"Consider different perspectives Take a positive view"
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