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Volunteering - Make a Difference in Life (web accessible version)

Description of visuals: Opening shot shows a close up of hair-cutting
Some volunteers are giving senior citizens free haircuts
at a community centre
A female hairstylist is coaching a young male volunteer
to trim the hair for an old man
She then hands a mirror to the old man for him to check out his new haircut
Female hairstylist speaks
Female Hairstylist: It's done. Have a look
Description of visuals: The old man looks into the mirror and smiles with content
FVO: What brings a smile to your face?
Description of visuals: The old man sees from the mirror
that the female hairstylist behind him is praising the young male volunteer
Female hairstylist and the young male volunteer speak respectively
Female hairstylist: Not bad!
Young male volunteer: Really?
Description of visuals: A female elderly volunteer
also praises and encourages the young male volunteer
The female elderly volunteer speaks
Female elderly volunteer: Sure!
Please come more often
Description of visuals: The old man is inspired by the volunteers' happy and satisfied smiles
FVO: What gives you satisfaction?
And what makes life meaningful?
Description of visuals: The old man has then volunteered as an eco-tour guide
He is touring a group of children of different ethnicities to explore the nature
The old man speaks
Elderly man: Found one
Kids: Wow!
Description of visuals: The children are very excited about the starfish they found
FVO: Who's giving and who's receiving?
Description of visuals: There are two young volunteers, one male and one female
leading the eco-tour together with the old man
They share the laughter with the children
FVO: You won't know how it feels until you're part of it
Volunteering is a valuable experience for everyone
Description of visuals: The old man grins
FVO: Register with the Volunteer Movement now
Volunteering - make a difference in life
Description of visuals: Super: slogan "Volunteering - Make a Difference in Life"
Above it is the search box in which the website
and website: is being typed in
At the bottom are the logos of the Social Welfare Department and the Volunteer Movement
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