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Neighbourhood Support and Care for the Elderly (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: Elderly couple and young couple waiting for the lift in a residential lobby
Young couple lets the elderly couple enter the lift first when it arrives
and offers to help them carry their groceries
The elderly couple shows appreciation
Super: We can help each other
Young male: Let me help you
Old couple: Thank you
Description of visuals: The elderly couple visits another old lady
They cut some oranges and hand them to the lady
A big smile on the old lady's face
Super: Show care and concern
FVO: By taking just a few small steps ...
Elderly female: Thanks for visiting me
Description of visuals: A middle-aged lady shares a bottle of soup
with an old man living next door. He is very happy
Super: Look after your elderly neighbours
Middle-aged female: Enjoy the soup
FVO: to care for and support our elderly neighbours
W3C: That old man volunteers in a magic show at a carnival
Both the children audience and the old man himself enjoy it very much
Super: A fruitful life
FVO: they can live a more enjoyable and fruitful life
Description of visuals: Super: slogan "Your care and concern will help the elderly live happily"
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