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My Family Doctor Walks with Me

Mother: Oh! What is it, my little girl?
Super (message on mobile phone): Jayden’s Mum
Super (message on mobile phone): Lok’s Mum
See my son’s paediatrician
Super (message on mobile phone): Zoe’s Dad
Must be eczema!
Parent A: My cousin is a doctor. Let me introduce her to you
Parent B: Go for a check-up in the hospital
where my high school mate works
Parent C: That doctor I saw last time was good
Oh! He is a gynaecologist. Sorry!
Daughter: Mum, why don’t we visit our family doctor?
Mother: Our family doctor knows us and our medical histories
His service gives us peace of mind
Doctor: Look for the family doctor logo
and choose a family doctor who suits you and your family
Super: My Family Doctor Walks with Me
Family Doctor
Department of Health
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