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Pneumococcal Vaccination for Elderly People

Son: To prevent pneumococcal infection
elderly people aged 65 years old or above need to receive a 23-valent vaccine
Super: 23-valent pneumococcal
polysaccharide vaccine
Mother: Those like me with high-risk conditions should receive a 13-valent vaccine first
Super: 13-valent pneumococcal
conjugate vaccine
Mother: and a 23-valent vaccine one year later
Son: Elderly people with high-risk conditions who have only received a 23-valent vaccine
should receive a mop-up dose of 13-valent vaccine
Daughter in law: Receiving vaccination at public clinics is free
Super: Free vaccination
at public clinics
Daughter in law: and vaccination at private clinics is subsidised
Super: Subsidised vaccination
at private clinics
MVO: For details, please call 2125 2125
Super: Pneumococcal Vaccination for Elderly People
2125 2125
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MVO: or visit
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