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Cervical Screening Programme

Young lady (played by Teresa Mo): There are things you should do when you’re young
Super: 30s
Super: Hubby: Arrived
Wifey: Coming
Wife (played by Teresa Mo): Even if my husband is my first love
I should still do it regularly!
Super: 40+
Middle-aged lady (played by Teresa Mo): I have to do it, particularly at my age!
Super: 50s
Teresa Mo: Women who have had sex may get cervical cancer
Young lady (played by Teresa Mo): Going for regular cervical cancer screening
Wife (played by Teresa Mo): is an effective preventive measure
Middle-aged lady (played by Teresa Mo): Love yourself! Cherish your health!
All ladies: Go for screening now!
Teresa Mo: For more details
call the 24-hour Health Education Hotline of the
Department of Health
on 2833 0111
Super: 24-hour Health Education Hotline
2833 0111
Cervical Screening Programme
Department of Health
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