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Prevention of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Super: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Father: I’m the virus causing hand, foot and mouth disease
Son: Target located
Mother: The virus spreads through contact with saliva, nasal discharges
faeces and fluid from blisters, as well as contaminated objects
Super: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Modes of Transmission
Nasal Discharges
Fluid from Blisters
Contaminated Objects
Son and Mother: Activate prevention mode
Super: Activate Prevention Mode
Mother (off-screen): Maintain good hygiene
Son (off-screen): Wash hands frequently
Super: Maintain Good Hygiene
Wash Hands Frequently
Mother (off-screen): Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue
when sneezing or coughing
Super: Cover Nose and Mouth with Tissue
When Sneezing or Coughing
Mother (off-screen): Don’t share personal items
Super: Don’t Share Personal Items
Mother (off-screen): Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects
such as furniture and toys
Super: Clean and Disinfect Frequently
Touched Objects
Father: If you get infected, don’t go to school
Son: Don’t go swimming
Mother: Don’t join group activities
Mother (off-screen): For details, visit
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health
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