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Co-location of ashes in public niches

Father: Shall we go now?
Son: We need to go to several places for grave sweeping today
Mother: We’ve placed the ashes of Grandpa,
Grandma and Uncle together
Father: If deceased persons were close relatives or in a close relationship
with the person whose ashes were the first placed in a niche,
their ashes can be put in the same niche
Mother: The ashes of those without a niche can also be added
There’s no limit on the number of sets of ashes to be placed
Super: Standard Niches and Family Niches
No limit on the number of sets of ashes to be placed
Father: Applications can be made for public niches
and the procedures are simple
Son and Daughter: Our loved ones can stay together
Mother: And it’s easy for us to visit them
Father (Off-screen): Call 1823 to find out more
Super: Let your loved ones stay together
Make better use of public niches
Hotline: 1823
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
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