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Concession scheme for "Smart Tender"

Owner A: We need to refurbish common areas of our building
Owner B: Where can we look for help?
Leung Ka-ki: Join the Urban Renewal Authority’s Smart Tender Scheme!
Under the scheme, an independent consultant
will give cost estimation
and technical advice on the building repair works
Super: Cost Estimation
Technical Support
Leung Ka-ki: There is also an electronic tendering platform
for appointment of a works contractor
to minimise the risk of bid-rigging
Super: Electronic Tendering Platform
Leung Ka-ki: The Government will also subsidise the fee for joining the scheme!
Super: Subsidy up to   /  Subsidy at least
95%          50%
Owner B: Let’s join now!
Leung Ka-ki: Works at single block buildings
or housing estate-type developments may get subsidised
Call 3188 1188 for details
Super: Smart Tender
helps you to carry out building rehabilitation works
Hotline: 3188 1188
Smart Tender
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Urban Renewal Authority
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