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      Check the published retail price before purchasing a motor vehicle

Bobby A: When you're buying a car before first registration
it needs to be ...
Bobby B: Cool
Bobby C: Stylish
Bobby A: You must check the Published Retail Price
approved by the Customs and Excise Department
so that you won't pay more than you should
Dealer: Customs states that it's illegal to sell a vehicle
at a price higher than the Published Retail Price
Super: Published Retail Price
Dealer: Car dealers are legally obliged to publish
the Published Retail Price lists of the vehicles on sale
Super: Published Retail Price Lists
Bobby B: Make sure that the vehicle price is correct
before signing the Application
for Registration and Licensing of a Vehicle
Super: Vehicle Price
Application for Registration and
Licensing of a Vehicle
Bobby: To know more, download this app
Super: Hong Kong Car Tax logo
Hong Kong Car Tax
Bobby: Always remind yourself to
Check the Published Retail Price
before purchasing a motor vehicle
Super: Customs and Excise Department logo
Customs and Excise Department Report Hotline: 2545 6182
Transport Department Enquiry Hotline: 2804 2600
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