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      Fly responsibly Fly safely

Drone: I'll take off now!
Binoculars: Are you sure?
Game Console: Don't use a drone weighing over 7kg
and a permit from the Civil Aviation Department
is needed for commercial use!
Super: Below 7kg (without battery/fuel)

Commercial use
Permit is needed
Toy Plane: Don't fly over 300 feet (about 90 metres) above the ground!
Camera: Only fly in daylight
Keep the drone in your line of sight at all times
Tablet: Stay away from urban areas
crowded places and facilities!
Super: Airport
Aircraft approach
and take-off paths
Transformer stations
Petrol stations
Correctional facilities
Camera: If you put any aircraft, person or property at risk
you could face a fine or imprisonment
Drone: Shh!
Master (in a phone call): Let me check if my drone is safe to fly!
MVO: Fly responsibly. Fly safely
Super: Fly responsibly. Fly safely.

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