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Clean Your Hands Frequently To Keep The Germs Away

Dr Dominic Tsang: To deal with multi-drug resistant organisms
apart from using antibiotics properly
Super: Dr Dominic Tsang
Chief Infection Control Officer
Hospital Authority
Dr Leung Pak-yin: We need helping hands!
Super: Dr Leung Pak-yin
Chief Executive
Hospital Authority
Professor John Leong: That’s right! You are the helping hands!
Super: Professor John Leong
Hospital Authority
Old lady: How can I help?
Dr Constance Chan: Cleaning your hands frequently is always the best way to help!
Super: Dr Constance Chan
Director of Health
Healthcare staff: Before and after taking care of patients
Girl: Before eating
Male A: Before taking medicine
Office lady: After coughing or sneezing
You should clean your hands with soap or an alcohol-based handrub
Male B: You must wash your hands with soap after going to the toilet
Dr Leung Ting-hung: Rub your hands for at least 20 seconds no matter whether you are using soap or an alcohol-based handrub
Super: Dr Leung Ting-hung
Professor John Leong, Dr Leung Pak-yin, Dr Dominic Tsang: By using antibiotics properly
Dr Constance Chan, Dr Leung Ting-hung: and cleaning our hands frequently
All people including the five doctors: we can keep the germs away
Super: Centre for Health Protection
Clean Your Hands Frequently
To Keep The Germs Away
Department of Health
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