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Prevention of Zika virus infection

FVO: To prevent the spread of Zika virus
Super: Zika virus
FVO: we must control mosquito breeding
and prevent mosquito bites
Super: Tips for prevention of Zika virus infection
Remove stagnant water
Use insect repellent
Wear light-coloured long-sleeved clothing
FVO: Most infected persons show no symptoms
Super: No symptoms
FVO: Those returning from affected areas
should continue to use insect repellent for at least 21 days
Super: At least 21 days after returning to Hong Kong
Super: Insect repellent
FVO: If you feel unwell, seek medical advice
and reveal your travel details
Super: Seek medical advice promptly if feeling unwell
Reveal travel details to a doctor
FVO: Travellers to affected areas
should take appropriate precautions
Super: Light-coloured long-sleeved clothing
Insect repellent
FVO: Pregnant women and those preparing for pregnancy
should not go to affected areas
Super: Affected areas
Should not go
Super: For updated information
please visit
Super: Centre for Health Protection Facebook
Health Education Hotline: 2833 0111
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health
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