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Say No to Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

Woman: Just the same!
Man: Just the same
Young man: But mine is an electronic cigarette ...
Male tobacco control inspector: An e-cigarette is just like a cigarette
Female tobacco control inspector: Smoking e-cigarettes
in statutory no smoking areas is also an offence
Male tobacco control inspector: Offenders are liable to a fixed penalty of $1,500
Female tobacco control inspector: E-cigarettes may also contain nicotine
Super: E-cigarettes containing nicotine are
pharmaceutical products
which require registration in Hong Kong
Male tobacco control inspector: and can be addictive
Woman: E-cigarettes may also contain formaldehyde
a Group 1 cancer-causing agent
which is hazardous to health!
They also create second-hand vapour
Young woman: What?
Woman: I’ve decided to quit smoking
Young woman: Quit smoking!
Super: E-cigarettes also create second-hand vapour
Smoking e-cigarettes in statutory no smoking areas is an offence
Quit smoking now
Smoking Cessation HotlineĀ  1833 183
Tobacco Control Office
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