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Keep Hong Kong Clean   We Can Do It

Man A: I’m Ah Tak
Super: Ah Tak
Couple: I’m Ah Tak
Man B: I
Woman A: am
Man C: Ah
Woman B: Tak
Kid: I’m Ah Tak too
Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak: I’m Ah Tak, the Keep Clean Ambassador
Super: Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak
Keep Clean Ambassador Ah Tak: Hong Kong people can do anything
We can work hard
and also play hard
Keeping Hong Kong clean is so simple that
we can all do it

We know how to handle large bags of garbage
as well as small litter
and even more

Hong Kong is our home, and we can all be Ah Tak
All: Keep Hong Kong clean. We can do it!
Super: Keep Hong Kong Clean. We Can Do It!
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